Safety Challenge

In today’s technological world, no device is more highly valued to the average consumer than the cellphone. The number of wireless devices has increased to over 400,000,000 in the United States alone. To support these devices, the number of municipal and commercial antenna systems has exploded to 600,000 and is expected to continue to grow exponentially.

A number of municipal and commercial antenna systems

Previously, individual commercial wireless transmitting antennas had been solely located on remote towers behind locked gates to keep the public safe. Today, however, municipal and commercial antenna systems are routinely co-located on structures in densely populated areas and often disguised for aesthetic reasons.

Safety Solution

The RF CHECK RF safety solution ensures all licensees are in full compliance with the FCC’s rules protecting workers from RF radiation. RF CHECK’s RF safety solution is a standardized, national RF radiation safety protocol.

The RF safety solution provides:

  • Training and certification of all workers that work near wireless transmission site antennas. 
  • Easily-accessible, updated, site-specific RF safety information for every wireless transmission site in the nation for authorized workers. 
  • A hub for all governmental and commercial FCC licensees, site owners, tower companies, contractors, and workers to cooperate and participate in the communication and sharing of information to provide a safe working environment.
  • A standardized process for control and recordation of site activities at wireless transmission sites by first responders and 3rd-party workers. 
  • Indemnification against RF injury claims for all participants.

RF CHECK’s comprehensive RF safety solution is offered to all participants, including governmental and commercial FCC licensees, site owners, tower companies, first responders, contractors, and workers.

American workers and their families support the RF CHECKC solution.