About Us

RF CHECK, Inc. is a socially-responsible, wireless-sector technology company based in San Diego.  RF CHECK has globally patented an innovative, multi-layered RF safety system to protect all who may be physically or financially harmed from RF radiation at all wireless sites in the nation.

RF CHECK guarantees the safety of workers performing their duties near RF emitting antennas. The Company brings together the interests of all wireless ecosystem participants and facilitates the communication and information sharing required to deliver a 21st-century solution for a 21st-century problem. 

A portion of RF CHECK's IP portfolio consists of 17 granted or pending global patents to ensure all workers who perform their duties near RF antennas may do so safely.  Through this technology, the Company also solves significant tower climber safety challenges that have remained unaddressed by the wireless industry. 

In addition, after global insurers withdrew coverage for RF related injuries, the RF CHECK leadership and their technologists teamed with a Lloyd’s of London syndicate and a global insurer to develop applications and protocols that made it possible for insurers to re-engage in this market.  RF CHECK is now able to provide the only RF radiation safety insurance product of its kind—RF Indemnity Shield™. RF Indemnity Shield™ is provided at no cost to all wireless ecosystem participants who adhere to the RF CHECK safety protocol.

American workers and their families support the RF CHECK solution.